The Sunday Currently Vol. 3

Hey everyone! I hope you're all safe and warm at home with your loved ones just like me except I'm with eleven cats right now and I'm writing this down in a rug in my living room floor while my cats are all lying oh-so-comfortably in my bigass couch, smelling and enjoying the newly washed covers even before I do. Thank God for lazy Sundays at home like this! Finally got time to organize my closet, cook my first Adobo, and update this blog!

Pork Adobo Recipes I Googled a while ago because I'm trying to cook my very first Adobo right now but the different instructions from the sites I ended up on are confusing me now. I didn't even know what "simmer" meant until I Googled it today. Dammit, please pray I don't screw this up!

To the strong wind blowing outside c/o Typhoon Lando. I also hear those weird horn sounds from the sky that went viral a few months ago because people thought the sound was coming from a trumpet in the heavens telling people Jesus is coming.

If my first Adobo would be a success or a hot mess. I do enjoy learning how to cook and hope I get to do this more often as it kinda validates my whole "adult-ness"

The bay leaves (dahon ng laurel) from the food I'm cooking and it smells so good it makes me think I'm actually doing it right lol

For a lot of material things I want to own this Christmas! I'll make a wishlist and blog about them this week! (liar)

For more projects or side jobs because I really really have a lot of things on my wishlist and I deserve to have them all because I have been so good this year.

The clothes I wore to sleep last night - a muscle tank top and my PJs. Spell C-H-I-L-L.

These super adorable and well-behaved cats! It literally made my jaw drop how they managed to stay in line and wait for their turn to have their coats brushed! Although there was one kitty that wasn't a very huge fan of the rules and if I were a cat, that cat would be me.

To go out for a jog because the weather isn't so bad here, just strong and cold winds. If I was motivated enough, this'll be a perfect time to sweat it out but...

A new pair of running shoes to motivate me to run again because my old shoes are killing my feet. [LOL #Excuses] No, they're not. I'm just lazy and fussy and maybe if I had new running shoes, I'd actually want to run again.

Cozy and warm but a little worried about my loved ones in Isabela where Typhoon Lando is wreaking havoc at right now. As per our chat messages earlier, they are okay and safe. Thank God. I just really hope this typhoon goes away sooner. :(

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Update on my Pork Adobo:

It's way too salty than it's supposed to be because stupid me let the pork drown in soy sauce. *sobs*

Lesson learned which also happened to be the same advice I got from fellow blogger Ochi: 


Definitely not serving this to my friends and my boyfriend who are coming over later because I know they're going to laugh at me. Gotta go now. I still have to hide this fail Adobo somewhere only I know.


  1. New shoes to motivate ourselves to jog >_< I really want to go jogging too but I don't want to cause disturbances in the neighbourhood in the morning like dogs barking.
    Sometimes I don't follow the recipe. Just initially add a little then little by little adding more until it tastes okay.
    Jessica |

  2. Adobo is actually really tricky to cook. Mukha syang madali because it's a household favorite but I can't remember the amount of pork/chicken I wasted because the result was too salty. Hehe So tantyahin mo nalang and don't follow recipes, lol!

  3. I don't know how to cook even adobo. Hope you'll find the perfect recipe and I hope I'll learn how to cook it

  4. Cooking adobo is always a trial and error process. I cooked chicken adobo over the weekend and I added 1/4 soy & 1/4 vinegar. I think they key is to taste it every now and then until you achieve your desired 'saltiness' (you may try taking a small forkful of meat and dip it in the simmering sauce to see if the meat is too salty) I would usually add water and balance a bit with a teaspoon or two of sugar. :) PS. You have a really nice blog :)


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