October Goals

Maybe it's too late for me to be writing about my goals for the month now that we're almost done with one-third of October? Or maybe not because this blog is mine so I can talk about my goals whenever I want? Haha! Hello everyone! If you thought I was dead, you're wrong because if I was, I would've live tweeted it.

So yes, I am alive. I've just been really busy and stressed out the past 2 weeks! You see, I have only been working from home for five months. So, unlike my fellow digital nomads out there who's had many years of experience, I am still pretty much clueless of what this new work set-up really has in store for me.

In fact, it was only in the last two weeks of September that I realized that people like us have to hustle extra hard come "Ber months" because unlike regular employees, we don't really get the mandatory bonuses that companies pay their employees every end of the year. *sniff sniff*

It just dawned on me two weeks ago that I might will be poor on Christmas. Hence the absence, the lack of new posts on this blog, or better yet, the lack of will to be happy and write my happy heart away!

BUT two weeks of wallowing over an impending doom is enough - too much, even. I'm just glad I'm quick to get over things so instead, I've decided to prevent further shit from happening by coming up with a list of life goals for this month!

Don't get me wrong about stressing out on being broke on Christmas because I know the season isn't just about money and material things. The only thing that bothered me was that if I was poorits, I won't be able to get my loved ones nice presents for Christmas. And I'd hate to be the Ate (big sister) who can't even give her cousins anything on Christmas day. It's been a family tradition for many years so I will do my best to save up and get all my awesome cousins something to remind them that their Ate Nikki, who has been living a hermit life and isn't seeing them very often anymore, loves them so much no matter what!

Assuming I pull off Goal #1, I'm gonna start my Christmas gift shopping as early as now/this month. If there's one thing I have very little patience for, it's jampacked malls, rubbing elbows with fellow last minute shoppers [as it only reminds me how much of a loser I am for being one of them lol], and long lines at the cashier! I've been there before and I never will be again - ever.


I made that slipcover for my couch a few months ago using the sewing machine my Nanay gave me [as some kind of an heirloom] and I want to make more in different colors and prints! This is the best solution I've ever come up with to my cats' scratching problem. I've made many scratching posts for them but they just wouldn't leave the couch alone! So I had to make a slip cover and even if they still scratch it sometimes, at least the original upholstery, which is already ruined by the way, doesn't get additional damages anymore.

So I'm going to make new slipcovers this month and probably a new curtain and throw pillow covers as well! I have pinned bajillions of inspiration on my Pinterest board and I am super excited to give my living room a major revamp!

I don't want to buy a generic-looking Christmas tree with generic Christmasy ornaments because I have nowhere to store the damn tree when Christmas is over and this is going to be the first time I'm putting up a Christmas tree in my house so I would like to make it special. And to me, special doesn't mean expensive. Special means it has to be ME -- because I'm a special snowflake. LOL Just kidding, ok!

I just want a rustic Christmas tree made of twigs, some fairy lights [it's basically the typical Christmas lights, it just sounds hippier to say "fairy lights"] and a few quirky ornaments. We'll see what I come up with!

Because I can't cook (sad face) I have been resorting to eating only instant, unhealthy meals this year. I hate it. Every fried meal I eat, I can't help but think one day a doctor would tell me I'm dying because I haven't been eating healthy. So I have to do something about it!

I thought if I'm going to start eating healthy again, then I should also get back to my old "fitness" routine! I used to run every weekend and workout for half an hour every day! I've done it consistently since 2013 and I was even working that time! Night shift! But now that I am at home 95% of the time, I can't even get my ass to jump rope for 5 minutes! Dammit! TARGET LOCKED.

I really really need to come up with a blogging schedule so I don't end up MIA for days or weeks! I was thinking of having one day of the week spent writing as much as I can about anything I could think of so I can focus on work and other life things for the rest of the week. Ugh, do you guys think that's a good idea? I need my fellow blogger's advice on this.

So that's about it! I'm excited to accomplish everything on this list this month so I can do more next month! Wish me luck! How about you, guys? What are your plans for October? Are you just as excited for Christmas as I am? 


  1. Hi! Just came across your blog today. Interesting! Oh, I read your "About" too. My life is quite similar. Work at home except that I still live with my parents. I really like the neatness of your living room. I love animals too! We have 5 dalmatians, 1 pet pig, 3 ducks and 2 turtles. In our house in QC, we adopted a cat. Haha pinulot lang namin sa SM Megamall. Will be following your blog! :D


    1. Wow! That's a lot of pets! (LOL like I don't have 10+ cats] Thank you Jessica! Following you back, definitely!

  2. Why is getting fit so hard @-@ I've been wanting to work from home for the longest time but I'm afraid I'll have bed sores for staying in bed too much @-@

    1. Haha I know! It's so frustrating sometimes when you think you're motivated enough to start na then when it's time to start a workout, you end up sleeping instead. LOL One bad thing about working from home: it makes you super lazy haha

    2. Oo nga eh, but with the terrible traffic in Manila, gusto ko na talaga mag work from home!! If only I had my own home like you do. hahaha Ang taas din kasi ng rent, ugh! Sorry for ranting. #adultproblems hahaha

  3. Hey! Just found your blog and followed you on Bloglovin!Hope you can achieve those goals

  4. I wish I could sew too. If I could, I'd be a Disney princess everyday. Kidding. But maybe. :) Anyway, I can't cook too but I wanna stay healthy. So what I do is just buy "lutong ulam" aka real food from suking karinderyas. I haven't gotten sick yet so they're clean. Lol. The pains of not knowing how to cook.

    1. Haha I feel you! UNfortunately for me, there are no carinderias where I live so I am doomed HAHAHA

    2. Yeah. Coz you live on a hill? I think this is a good time for you to go vegan. If you can give up meat. ­čśé

  5. Hey. I just recently found out about your blog and I just have to say, I love your header! I have this weird interest in antlers. Hehe. I hope you get by October achieving all these goals, Dom. (Sorry FC haha).

    Alyssa of www.alyssanity.com

  6. Ahh. Seems like we're the same, Dominique :) Also, my #1 is to save money huhu Why is it so hard to save money these days? Tsk. And my 5-7 is just the same with yours. I wish getting fit is easy without eating healthy. Mas masarap parin yung bawal eh. Haha Praying you'd be able to achieve those on your list, Dom. <3

    Lou | wander-soul.net

  7. This is inspiring! I might want to come up with my own November Goals! Don't give up on your goals, find a way to get back on track always :)

    Jen MD of www.lightsandlatte.com


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