Two Cents Tuesday: Taylor Swift's Wildest Dreams Music Video

Hey guys! Welcome to my first ever post for my blog series I decided to call Two Cents Tuesday. If the title hasn’t made it obvious yet, it’s going to be that day of the week when I can give my two cents on a trending topic/s or issue/s that I have something to say about.

I can do that on Facebook or Twitter actually but I just don’t wanna flood my friends’ newsfeed of my opinions on everything so I thought it’s best I bottle everything up inside for a couple of days first and just write about all of them in one blog post and turn it into a weekly commentary thing!

This is going to be fun!

So today, I'm going to talk fangirl about Taylor Swift's music video for Wildest Dreams!

Have you guys seen it?

I'm a Swiftie. Not going to deny it. Not even going to be ashamed of it. So it's only right I express what I feel about the just-released-at-the-VMAs music video for her Lana Del Rey-ish track from the 1989 album, Wildest Dreams.

I loved everything about it - from the setting, location, costumes, and basically the whole story. And it could've been perfect only if she wasn't wearing that wig. Yes, THAT WIG.

So I wondered, is it just me and my distorted view of Taylor's black hair sitting weirdly on her head? Or is there really something wrong with her fake black hair?

I Googled and found out I'm not the only one who felt distracted/bothered by the awkward thing on Tay-Tay's head! There were many of us! In fact, even BuzzFeed knew we have to talk about Taylor's wig. They even called it "most-terrible-wig-in-modern-music-video-history" LOL


Seeing other people feel just as bothered as I am about the wig made me feel better. Haha!

But then again, it's just a wig. And even if it bothers me, I am willing to let it go because the last part of the video was actually more than enough to make up for the wig problem.

Just when you thought she's just all about the pretty places, pretty faces, pretty clothes, and pretty boys, she goes to prove shes's so much more than that by showing how she cares for animals.

Aww, sorry 'bout the wig, Taylor. I love you still!


  1. I don't mind the wig either. :) I like Taylor's music too and her fashion! :)


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