The Sunday Currently Vol. 2

Chill Sundays at home are the absolute best! I did the laundry and a general cleaning of the whole house yesterday so I had zero chores to do today which was perfect because I was able to wake up extra late, do a little DIY project, and update this blog as well. Good job, Niknok.

All the blogs I've bookmarked from this week's bloghopping spree! I found a lot of really good ones!

To the TV. I tuned in to Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (as of this writing) when I saw #MaineMendozaOnKMJS trending on Twitter and got curious if she's going to be interviewed but it seems we won't be hearing her voice until the "tamang panahon" comes. I've only watched the Kalyeserye/Aldub thing twice and I find her really likeable! Cute nya!

If I should just buy a ticket to Carly Rae Jepsen's concert tomorrow or just stay home all Monday night, crying in the corner, and wishing I should have bought a ticket instead.

Myself and I stink. I worked on my carpentry skillz all day and came up with this little shelf where I can display things. Not bad for someone who has zero carpentry skillz, eh? I'm excited to buy those uso little succulents that I see on those disturbingly perfect Instagram feeds of people living disturbingly perfect lives. LOL JK.

For a miracle because I really really really want to go to Carly Rae Jepsen's concert tomorrow because I'm a huge fan and I love her new album but payday is still 2-3 days away and I'm just so poorits right now.

For a really productive week ahead. I have a lot of things I wanna write about and another set of non-blog things to accomplish. I just hope the I win the fight with my lazy demons so I can finally get shit done. Wish me luck!

My boyfriend's old T-shirt, pambahay shorts, and socks. I wear socks at home all day because I want to take care of my tiny feet. (???)

Justin Bieber's What Do You Mean. Both the song and music video. Don't hate! Appreciate.

To do more DIY wood projects like that tiny shelve I made today. My cousin delivered a bunch of wood scraps yesterday because I asked my Tita to give them to me instead of throwing them away so I can turn them into useful things for my house - could be a furniture or a decor, I have an entire Pinterest board for everything I want to make for my house with my bare hands!

A warm bath because I stink and my back hurts. Cutting/sawing wood planks all day made me sweat like crazy! Yay for the instant cardio!

Happy anyway because I got an invite to #Bloggys2015 and my boyfriend is coming with me because I'd be a lonely lonesome loner in there if he didn't. #SociallyAwkward I hope to meet new friends there!

So, that's about it for today! I hope you guys had a fun Sunday as well! Let's all start the week right, yeah? Here's to a stress-free and productive week ahead for all of us!



  1. Wow, you're lucky for getting an invite. Have an awesome time! :)

  2. So did you go to the concert? ANd wow ou've been invited for Bloggys? Have fun! :)

    1. No I didn't make it. It was too late when I finally made up my mind and Cubao is 3-4 hours away from where I live so yeah, I did cry on a corner wishing I had bought a ticket sooner. Huhu oh goes on hahahah


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