See You At The #Bloggys2015

While going through the e-mails on my inbox, sad that not one out of all the contests and promos I have joined picked my name to win Carly Rae Jepsen concert tickets for tomorrow *sobs*, I found another email that quickly turned my frown into a smile *wipes tears on my cheeks*!

It's an invite to #Bloggys2015!

If you haven't heard of it yet, #Bloggys2015 is an awards show for the finest bloggers, from all niches and industries, all over the Philippines.

I use to attend blogger events back in the early 2000's (OMG I feel so ancient) and this is the first time I'm going to attend another one after what, eight or nine years? And the fact that I will be witnessing "a key event in Philippine history" makes it even more exciting!

Aside from the freebies and perks for bloggers *gasp*, you also get a chance to meet top niche influencers, trend setters and buzz ambassadors! *another gasp*

So here's what you gotta do:

1. Nominate your favorite blogs HERE

I have nominated all my friends' blogs [Ian / Vandals On The Wall, MC, Dee] because they are awesome, Helga because she's my favorite, and of course, my blog because it is MY BLOG. Haha!

You can nominate your own blog too because your blog will always be the best blog -- even just for you, right? #LoveYourOwn

2. Check out all these cool bloggers who are coming

3. Never miss the chance to get to know all of them as you witness this nationwide blog awarding event! Reserve your tickets now because they are running out fast! Plus, I am also excited to meet all of you!

I popped the question "Will you be my plus one?" to boyfriend the other night and he said yes! So it's a date and I really look forward to seeing y'all there!



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