The Sunday Currently Vol. I

I find it funny how things have completely turned around for me after only three months of being homebased. When I still had a regular job, well, not that regular because of the night shift, Sundays were always bittersweet because it meant tomorrows's Monday - time to wish it was Friday already. You know you're miserable when you spend all five days of the week just wishing for the weekend instead of just enjoying every damn day you are alive and I'm glad I was able to break away from that sad sad routine.

Gone are the days I crave for weekends because now, every day feels like it's the weekend! Sometimes, I even forget what day of the week it already is - but I never forget Sundays! This is the day I spend time with people I love - perhaps a movie date with babe or a visit at my cousin's new lovely place?

Boy, do I love Sundays. In fact, I just found another reason to love this day even more. I have joined the Sunday Currently blog link up where you write about what you're currently reading, writing, thinking, feeling, and pretty much everything you're up to on that particular Sunday. Here goes mine!

Still struggling to find time to finish Paper Towns by John Green so I can finally see the movie. Is it still on the cinemas though? *sobs* I bought the book in 2013, started reading last 2014, and I'm only finishing it now that the movie is already out - and probably not in theaters anymore. Damn, it's sad how lazy I have become. I need to get my old habits back.

My very first Sunday Currently entry! I've been seeing a lot of these around and thought it would be cool to join the linkup too!

Anything, Anything by Dramarama. I fell in love with this song when I watched Two Night Stand a few days ago while killing time before going to sleep. It was the song Megan crazy-danced to while Alec was watching her silhouette from the blanket fort they built while they were high, it was so cute and sweet and sexy at the same time and they didn't even have to be naked or making out. Also, this was't the only awesome song from the movie. The whole soundtrack literally made my ears happy! I'll talk about my obsession with good movie OSTs someday!

If I should just go dye my hair purply-pink now or just wait till the turquoise fades. I'm already bored with turquoise but just thinking about how much work it's going to be makes me wanna go to sleep instead.

I think I have to delete this category [smelling] because my nose is dysfunctional most of the time (allergy, congestion, flu, what have you) so it would be pointless for me to tell people what I'm smelling right now because honestly, I have no freakin idea. I do have a nose but sometimes I feel like I'm Voldemort on the inside. Seriously.

I do have a wish in mind but I feel like if I wrote it here, I might jinx it. Keeping my mouth shut and fingers crossed for now.

That the weather finally gets better today so I can go out without having to bring my bigass umbrella because that's the only umbrella I own.

The clothes I wore to sleep last night. A pair of comfy shorts, an old beat-up tee, and my H&M cat feet-warmer, a birthday gift from my cousin.

Life in general. Believe me, this rarely happens. The fact that I literally couldn't ask for anything more at this point in my life must mean I really am truly happy and content.

Mexicali's Jalapeno and Cheese quesadillas inside my mouth so bad right now.

A really good full-body massage because my back aches like a mofo. Just because I'm working at home doesn't mean I don't get tired anymore. After 3 months of being stuck at home doing work and chores at the same time, I could really use a damn good massage that can put me to death-like sleep. HAHA

Warm and cozy.

The X buttons after this post has been successfully published because I'm going out for a Sundate!

 So that's about it for my very first Sunday Currenly post! Hope y'all have a great Sunday!


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