Run Free, Phoenix

Phoenix, the cat that was burned alive and left in a dumpster in Tondo, Manila passed away today.

This was the sad news I read this morning while I was on a jeepney on my way to pay my electric billls, posted by the Philippine Animal Rescue Team (P.A.R.T.) on Facebook:

"We struggled this morning to find ways to soften the blow, if that’s even possible, as we make this announcement because so many of you are pulling for her.

So it is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Phoenix. She went into respiratory arrest and we did try to revive her but when it proved to be unsuccessful, we knew it’s what she wanted this time. 

So many of you from all over the world fought alongside her. You sent us loving notes cheering her on and willing her to fight. We saw a glimmer of hope when she stood up and took a couple of steps. Phoenix fought hard and strong but it seems there are other plans for her at the Rainbow Bridge. We’re going to be a little selfish in saying that we’d rather have her here, but, alas, that’s not a decision for us to make. The night sky will be a little brighter as Phoenix shines and watches over us, forever grateful to have felt love and kindness. 

All of us here at PART were looking forward to bringing her home to the sanctuary. We couldn’t wait for her to get well so we could show her just how much she is loved. That not all humans are bad. We wanted her to find her happily ever after. We won’t get that chance now. Words can’t express just how heartbroken we are. We are so sorry that we failed her. 

We put together a short video in loving memory of our Phoenix who touched many hearts in her short time with us. 

 We would like to thank our vet, Dr. Mayem Yao, and her staff at Pendragon Veterinary Clinic for doing everything they could to save Phoenix. 

Thank you to Charlene Darca Cuevas for hearing her cry for help and doing the right thing by rescuing her. 

And our heartfelt thanks to everyone in all corners of the world for the overwhelming love and support you gave to Phoenix. Thank you for letting her know that her life mattered.

If love could have saved her, she would have lived forever. 
Rest in Peace, Phoenix.” 
You left a memory no one can steal.
You left a heartache no one can heal.

I felt my eyes getting wet with tears as I read that news this morning, but I had to control my emotions because I was inside a jeepney surrounded by strangers and I had to hold back my tears not because I'm embarrassed to be crying about a dead cat that is not even mine, but because I knew that it would be hard for me to stop if I let it all out. 

I thought about Phoenix the whole day. Couldn't help wishing she was in another time and place instead of crossing paths with those cruel monsters. We could've met on an alley and I'd greet her 'meow' and she'd meow back then keep walking. But Phoenix was not in a wrong place at the wrong time, she ended up in the hands of the wrong people.

Her story did not only break my heart, it crushed my soul. I just cannot wrap my head around the fact that a human, someone that's supposed to possess a higher level of intellect and understanding, did this to a poor helpless cat. 

WHY?! What kind of sick satisfaction do these people get from hurting helpless animals? Why are these kinds of humans alive? WHY???

This is why I've been thinking if I should even put my two cents on the issue. I am in a "glass case of emotions" right now and I've been trying to keep my cool, but I just can't anymore! This isn't something I'm going to just keep quiet about. I need to vent, pour my heart out, speak for my twelve beautiful adopted cats because I can't imagine such cruelty being done to them nor to any cat, or dog, or any kind animal for that matter. 

I am devastated about what happened to poor Phoenix, but more than that, I am enraged and disgusted that the people who did this to a cat are called "humans" just like me. I feel insulted to be in the same classification of species with these heartless, soulless creatures. I feel like Phoenix deserves a life more than these cruel people do, that they should've been the ones burned to death instead of her. 

I watched the video they made for Phoenix but I wasn't able to finish it. I just couldn't. I cried like a baby for half an hour in front of my computer and have used up a whole roll of core-less tissue but I couldn't stop the tears. I'm hurt for Phoenix who had to go through all that cruelty and pain she didn't deserve. I'm hurt for everyone who tried to save Phoenix's life, those who hoped for a second chance for her, those who kept their eyes on the brighter side of things, not losing hope, those who believed she could win this fight, those who feel that they failed her, those who feel that they could've done better, could've done more, could've done sooner.

But the damage has been done and Phoenix is gone. And all we have left to do is take comfort in the fact that Phoenix is now in a better place with no one to hurt her, that there are still people out there who care and are ready to help, that even if it was just for a few days, even when it was already too late, she was able to feel what it's like to be loved.

Run Free, Phoenix. ♥


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