Friday's 10 Happy Things Vol. 2

Wow! Last Friday seems like it was just five minutes ago! The bloggers are right, it really isn't that easy to think of things that made you happy all week. Fortunately for me, the day I fear hasn't come yet and I pray it never does. So while I still have many things to be happy about, I'm gonna keep writing about all of them! Now let's get down to business.

1. Started the week with a Sundate with my Bibing! That's what I call boyfriend now because I can - and he can't complain. *demon laugh* It was our first date after a week of not seeing each other because I quit as his officemate/GF. Haha. He liked my Taylor Swift hair!

2. Mad Max: Fury Road
was crazy awesome! I know I've already talked about it on my previous post but I just wanna say it again: It was awesome! Tom Hardy's such a hottie! Which reminds me that Nick Hoult died and I was so distraught so I have to spoil it for you all now because I'm still grieving! Huhu. Forgive me?

3. Got to pig out on my ultimate favorite Mexican noms!

4. Because he knows I missed Mexicali so much, #3 was Bibing's treat!

5. Payday! When I left my old job, I really had nowhere to go. I had plans but they're just plans so I had no idea which one of them would work. Then I got a job just 2 days after leaving so can you just imagine my sigh of relief that I won't be poor after all? Haha

6. Work is growing on me. I was like a confused, disoriented kitten on my first week as a Project Manager but I'm finally getting the hang of it now, trying my best to attend to all my writers' needs. It's been a busy and challenging week, but I sure as hell had a lot of fun!

7. I think I'm on the right track. Working at home full-time used to be just this crazy idea of mine that I would keep telling my friends and boyfriend when I'm too stressed out and I don't wanna see other people who have no significance in my life. It was something I've always wished I had the resources and guts to actually do. I may have prepared for this - getting a new computer, a home office desk, and a stable Internet connection, but to be honest, I was basically just gambling, trying my luck, hoping for the best but expecting the worst. But the past two weeks have been awesome and opportunities are coming one by one and I'm just like, I should have done this 2-3 years ago!

8. Cute messages like THIS. Was drinking my morning coffee when I read this. I smiled the biggest smile anyone has ever smiled.

9. My Gross Girlfriend Award! And the fact that Bibing doesn't really mind. Haha

10. Family Quality Time! Going on a poolside weekender with my cousins tomorrow! So excited!

Ditz Revolution

So, if you're happy and you know it, don't just clap your hands, stomp your feet,
shout "hurray", and do all three! Write about it and make it a habit!

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  1. I loved working from home, but mostly because I could take on several jobs so I earned more money. I miss those days haha.

    1. Helga! It's you! Haha ^_^ Yes, I just realized that now that I can squeeze in a few more jobs on my free time! Plus I get to blog again!

  2. I'm also planning to leave my first job at the end of the month, It scares and excites me so much. I just hope having another job won't give me heart aches. I just wish I was good and lucky as you are miss niknok <3


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