Friday's 10 Happy Things Vol. 1

One of my blog crushes, Helga, is celebrating her birthday this weekend so I thought this is the perfect time for me to join her weekly blog link up! It's probably already her birthday when she reads this, or if she ever gets to read this, but I'm taking my chance anyway. Happy Birthday Helga! You've been an inspiration for me to write again! Thank you and stay cute!

Anyway, HURRAY! This is my very first Friday's 10 Happy Things, a list of things that made me happy this week!

1. Jumping into bed at night to sleep instead of getting ready to go to work! It's been a week since I left my night shift job and every night since then has been a party in my heart! lolwhut

2. My new job! I quit a job last Friday without knowing where to go or what to do next, spent all Saturday with J, then I woke up Sunday morning to a super good news.

3. Being home-based for the first time! This has been a LONG TIME dream of mine! See emphasis on "long time"? To be able to set-up a work station at home and never have to leave the house everyday and go through the struggles of commuting in the Philippines to go to an office was a dream I never thought would ever come to life until last Sunday morning. I am blessed.

5. Got a decent Internet connection at home! Much thanks to my awesome corporate communications skills.

6. Coffee in the morning. And coffee in the morning. *wink*

7. The idea of early morning runs. Yes, it's still just an idea because I haven't really gotten up my lazy ass to actually do it.

8. Three years *thing with boyfriend which we didn't get to celebrate because I'm an asshole girlfriend but we really didn't need to because seriously, three years > one day. I love you J! ♥

9. Got a new haircut! Because I'm such a liar and I like breaking my own promises of never to ever cut my hair short.

10. Finally getting to write my own Friday's 10 Happy Things! 

Now that was fun! When I started blogging in 2005, all I ever wrote about were the things, people, and more people and more things that I hate. Oh, the sigh of relief that I am finally done with that awful phase that's so full of angst. I might not remember it anymore but ten years ago, I probably also hated people who had at least 10 happy things to write about! Haha.

Ditz Revolution

So, if you're happy and you know it, don't just clap your hands, stomp your feet, shout "hurray", and do all three!
Write about it and make it a habit!
Don't forget to leave a link so we can check it out too! ♥ 


  1. Home-based job = weight gain lol I learned this the hard way haha!

    1. OMG huhuhu that's one of my biggest fears! lol

  2. COngrats on the new job! :) Hi, I'm Alissa. Just stumbled on your blog and decided to follow you.

    1. Thanks Alissa! And for the follow as well! I don't know how to follow you back huhu but I subscribed to your blog! hehe xoxo

  3. I LOVE ITEM #4! Haha! Your cat is so cute! :) And I'm happy that you found a job that you love.

    Salvé at INDIE KITTY


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