Don't Dream It's Over

Seeing this on my news feed yesterday after a long tiring day outside hellish Manila really brightened up my mood.

You see, I haven't slept for more than 20 hours and I was exhausted and starving but then I saw this and Don't Dream It's Over is one of my favorite songs and this cover from Miley Cyrus' Happy Hippie project backyard sessions with Ariana Grande was just so perfect it just blew me away. Have you seen it?

Happy Hippie Presents: Backyard Sessions - "Don't Dream It's Over" featuring Ariana Grande
Soooooo thankful for Ariana Grande for being a part of the #backyardsessions!! You're the sweetest little #happyhippie bear-mouse ever! Loooooove you The Happy Hippie Foundation #HappyHippiePresents #dontdreamitsover
Posted by Miley Cyrus on Thursday, May 14, 2015
Ugh. These two should make more music together! Something completely raw like this, no autotunes and shit. Just good music in those gosh darn cute unicorn and bear-mouse thing onesies!


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