I Wish I Have: A pair of Adidas Superstar

I'm a sucker for a good pair of sneakers. All lazy people are, I guess? It's like a lazy person's holy grail when it comes to footwear. When I'm feeling lazy (which is on a daily basis) but I have to look proper for work or a date, I usually end up in leggings and a pair of beat up kicks.

One of my three pairs of Chuck Taylors has retired last year and the remaining two are in my shoe rack, one missing its laces, the other having mismatched ones, both looking equally miserable from years of dragging my lazy feet to work or wherever it was that I needed to be.

And because my old sneakers are starting to give up on me, I've recently been facing the struggles of finding something to wear on my lazy days which leads me to the rather *bittersweet realization of the fact that I need a new pair of sneakers.

I'm looking at you, Adidas Superstar

Since I'm not really the sporty type, I'm looking for sneakers that won't make me look like I'm going beast mode at the gym. That's why Adidas' Superstar shoes got me smitten like this. I feel like I can wear it with literally anything and everything! Colors, textured all-black, 50 shades of gray, whites, girly, androgynous, punk, basic - the possibilities are endless and it's making me restless! I obviously need these kicks in my life!

If these awesome looks haven't proven yet that these kicks are perfect, then I don't know what else will. All I know is that I got my eye on these Superstars and I'm not taking them off it until I finally get a pair on my feet!


  1. I still haven't had a chance to get this pair but I'm a fan of the brand. I love the running shoes :)


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