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My phone broke so I have been phone-less for a week and guess how all things went? Great! I finally got to clean my laptop and found all these photos meant to be posted on this blog but I never had the chance to because I was lazy and it was more convenient for me to update my social media accounts thru my phone. Gone are those days, my friends. I have no plans of getting a new smart phone anytime soon which means, I have now all the time to get shit done here!

So today, I shall dump tons of photos from last year!

These were taken some time in August 2015 for my cousin's school project. She's an art student and is really really good at it! Check her out HERE!

We shot these in my backyard! I'm sorry I forgot to tell y'all about summer last year when I actually bought a house and moved in and I'm now living independently like a full grown adult person with bills to pay and a laundry list of responsibilities!

My cousins, including that awesome young artist who took these photos, also bought a house beside mine and will be moving in a few years from now! Now I can't wait to be neighbors with them so I can just knock next door and be like, "Hey, I need help with my blog! And I came here to abuse your skills!" bwahaha

Skirt - thrifted
Lace top - thrifted
Boots - thrifted
Flower headband - Accesorize
Sunnies - Topshop
Necklaces - DIY

Again, thank you for the photos Jillene! You're doing great! Keep it up! xoxo

Photos by: Jillene Baniqued


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