Consider me BACK

Shame on whoever thought I was gone for good. Like that's ever gonna happen? No, it won't. That, I can assure you. I may have pulled a lot of ninja moves in the past but that doesn't mean I'm done here. No, I'm not, because I'm here to stay. I never give up on things I love. So I'm never going away. EVER. :)

I know I haven't been the best blogger all these years but I also know y'all would understand. Life just happens sometimes and it can get too clingy that it craves all your time and attention and you end up having so little time for the things you love doing and then out of frustration, you just stop doing them all at once. So there.

I've said too much now and I don't wanna get preachy here. After all, I just swooped in for a while just to drop the good news: I'm publishing this entry in a few. Consider me back in the game! :)

Now, on to stuff that matters: THIS LOOK.

Wore this to work last Wednesday night! Yup, I have a new job again. Will bore you with stories about it on my next posts! For now, give me your warm welcome hugs and wear a smile on your face because I'm back! (hihi)

*Please don't take me too seriously when I act all smug and swaggy. I'm very adorable and kind and nice in real life. No joke.

Top - DV, cardigan - SM Dept. Store, plaid skirt - thrifted, Chuck Taylors - thrifted


  1. same dilemma here..dont worry i think lots of people can relate..and i still you view your blog checking on updates..:)

    love your need for expensive stuff..just pure style..:)


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