Too lazy to coordinate.

This is how I dress when I'm too lazy to think of what to wear so I grab the first thing I see inside my closet and just, you know, whatever.
Knitted sweater - thrifted | Floral leggings - Topshop | Animal print flats - Punkberry

No guys, I didn't get dressed in the dark. I got dressed with my eyes closed. :) Haha. After putting this outfit together, I was all like.."striped knitted sweater there, floral leggings here, leopard printed flats there. ugh, nothing matches!" But then I was too lazy to change into something else so like I said, whatever.

I also had my hair up in a bun. Partly because I wanted something new to go with the look but mostly because I'm too lazy to fix my hair because I'm too lazy to wash it. But hey, washing hair everyday is a no-no in the curly girls world! So that doesn't count as lazy. I was just doing something I rarely do--following rules. :)

BTW. Isn't my cat such a little attention whore? Remember how many times she has showed up in my outfit photos? Go find them on the blog's archives and you'll see proof that this fella is a professional photobomber. 


  1. I've seen so many of these jumper online and boy are they cute!! It looks adorable on you!

  2. Loving your style! I've been looking the same floral leggings like that but all I see costs too much :\ anyway I really love and adore your styling! <3

    Happy holidays!



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