happy colors

This is the first time I posted an outfit on the same day I wore it. Come on you guys, congratulate me for being a punctual blogger! :)

For a change, I decided to be a girly girl and wore this to work today. This dress is actually very sheer so I wore things underneath to avoid putting up a peep show for the street pervs. Oh, and the colors! People also noticed how much color I wore today. And I'm like, okay, there's only two colors in this outfit, what "colorful" are you talking about? haha. Seriously though, these colors are fast becoming my new favorites.

Sheer dress - thrifted | Green cardigan - thrifted | Gold studded belt - DV | Necklace Lovechild Vintage | Chain and bead bracelets - DIY | Leopard print flats - Punkberry (Robinson's Dept. Store)

I think I'm gonna make it a habit to wear more and more colors next year. I just love how the lively colors made me feel lively as well. See? I ended up blogging on time instead of saving this post for tomorrow, next week, or even next month! You guys have no idea how much backlog entries I have right now, it's crazy. And the sad reason behind it is just that I'm way too lazy. I don't want them piling up anymore to the point of me forgetting about them so here I am being kind to my precious blog, feeding it with fresh stuff!

Oh, and yeah. Like I said on my previous post I have curly hair now. I wish it was brown though, cuz the black curls don't show up well on the photos. It's already been two weeks and I'm still getting used to the complicated life of a curlyhead but I'm having fun in spite of my tedious new hair routine. Before, I thought having curly hair was just as easy as getting a perm and not combing your hair ever again but I just realized how much work it actually takes to maintain this hairstyle and keep the curls in place to avoid looking like a crazy homeless person, or a witch, or a crazy homeless witch who can't afford hair conditioner---and mousse.

To make it worse, my cats just discovered something new to play with while I sleep at night--my hair. I think they find it really interesting how my hair got big and curly so they keep running their claws through it while I sleep! They're like combing it! And combing is a major no-no for curls! Result? I wake up with a frizzy mess of a crowning glory after all the anti-frizz serum and mousse I put on it the night before. *sob* I still love my cats though. I can't blame them if they wanna comb my hair with their claws because they think it's messy. Haha.

But, enough of my curly hair adventures for now. I'll write a different entry for that soon so wait for it, yeah? Right now, I gotta go get some rest. Toodles! xx


  1. this is cuter!
    liefs, laila.

  2. this dress is so cute! love the colour of it!

  3. Wow. I Love it! You have so so great blog! <3

    Would You like to follow each other? :)

  4. Love these colours together! So pretty <3

    (giveaway on my blog!)

  5. Nice dress! :)


  6. what a pretty dress, I love the colour and pleats! :)


  7. Nice change for you to be a girly-girl for some time. :)

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