Digging: Red by Taylor Swift

Everything about Taylor Swift's Red album owns my heart. I'm just completely head-over-heels-smitten--from track number one all the way to the album art. Fine, I'm obsessed. So please treat this entry as an early warning. I might end up with a fudgeload of T.Swift song references in the near future. lol.

If you're a T.Swift fan, you would know exactly what I'm talking about and you'd totally get it if I told you I've been listening to it every single day since it came out and by now I have already memorized every word in every song. If you're not a T.Swift fan, at least just check out these photos:

I mean, look at each and every one of them. Aren't they all perfect? Do you see anything wrong going on here? Nothing! The outfits, the hair, the vibe, and those mighty cute cat-eye sunnies from the last photo! Tell me, how can I not obsesses about love this girl?

Here's one of my favorite tracks from Red. I have a lot [favorites] actually because every song from that album is gold! I have no idea why Taylor called it red but whatever, here is is:

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  1. LEUK! ze heeft ook een eigen luchtje, ik denk dat je die ook heerlijk vind!
    liefs, laila.

  2. Ah I love her so much


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