Accidental Twins

Hey guys! Missed me? I've been busy like a bee these past few weeks but I'm glad I'm still able to squeeze in a tiny update in here. I just bought myself a gift last week and it's been a huge help in motivating me to blog more!

So with the help of my new toy, I am able to take pictures of the outfits I'm wearing [and my new thrifted finds!!!] without having to set up the tripod at home. Sorry for the blurry photos, I'm a noob at this, okay? Accept my excuse! HAHA.

Floral dress-Forever 21 | Denim jacket - thrifted | Brown leather boots - thrifted 

Anyway, this is what I wore when I met up with my friends from my old job the other night for dinner. I've seen a lot of versions of this ensemble everywhere--on magazines, blogs, TV, movies, and God knows where else. So, I guess there's really nothing special about it anymore. It's been done way too many times by too many girls already. 

But even if this look has become pretty much default now, I was still shocked when I saw my friend that night in the same outfit theme as mine! 

If you still can't see the similarities, let me run it down for ya.Floral dress, check. Denim jacket, check. Leather boots, check. Curly hair, check! LOL. I swear this was not planned at all. It was a totally epic and mind-effing coincidence! 

Seeing some other girl wearing almost the same outfit as mine isn't fun for me. In fact, it's a thing very much frowned upon in girl world. Tell me I'm wrong. But this one seriously made me smile because the girl who I shared the same outfit theme with that night is a good friend of mine! The same thing happened to me and my other friend months ago when we both showed up at work wearing long-sleeved black lace dresses!

Instead of being pissed, I find coincidences like these with my friends really amazing and relieving at the same time. Why do I feel relieved? Because it only goes to show that our minds somehow work on the same wavelength. Like we're all on the same page even if we have extremely different personalities. I guess they call that a common denominator in Math? But I suck at Math so I'm gonna call it "connection" instead. LOL.

I'm so thankful I have friends like them. We're friends not because we all love and hate the same things. We're friends not just because we wear the same kinda clothes. We're friends because we see each other as we really are and we adore each other anyway in spite of all our differences! :)


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