Style Crush: Cara Delevigne

I like this girl a lot. I just love the way she can be goofy and fierce and badass all at the same time and I think that's what makes me notice her among all other models. Plus she's got great style too!

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  1. she's beautiful. very interesting looking. i love the one of her under the chanel signs. really pretty. yeah, she definitely has a versatile look, and can pull off goofy or fierce.

    great feature, and photos. i like your blog. glad to have found it :) how have you been dear? enjoy the weekend?
    xox, amber

  2. She is beautiful, I love her a little bit boyish look :)

  3. Her eyes and eyebrows alone got me hooked!

  4. I absolutely love this! She is gorgeous, and has such fun style!
    xo TJ


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