Just when you thought I have left this blog forlorn for the umpteenth time, you're wrong. As you can see, The Niknok Style, is starting to go through a couple of minor changes here and there already. Look at the font! It's new! Haha. I told you, the changes for now are still very minor. But hey, change is good regardess of how major or minor it is. It's still change. Who knows, in a few days, the entire site would look completely revamped and you'd actually get to read new posts again?

Nah, I'm not playing guessing game with you guys. Major changes are really in the works right now. In fact, I have already started taking outfit photos again just two days ago. If you liked the TNS Facebook page, you wouldn't be scratching your head right now with a REALLLYYY????-look on your face. So like it right here right now! Heehee

I decided to give the blog a new look along with my return from the dead. You see, I didn't wanna come back just like that  - like I never really left. Besides, it's more fun to come back to some new things right? Ah, new things. We have a lot to talk about regarding new things when I get back.

Anyway, I just dropped by to say that I'm rising from the dead real soon. See the title of this post? Yeah, it's that soon. Right now, I'm still looking for ideas for the blog's new header and overall look & feel. I'd probably keep it as clean as this but fresh nonetheless.

So, see y'all next week? Ciao for now. ^_^


  1. Love this, gorgeous skirt!




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