White v-neck tee from Bench, thrifted animal print hoodie, thrifted black Converse sneakers, necklace from Accessorize and smiley ring from Girlshoppe (Eastwood Bazaar)

I'm back!!!! It doesn't matter where I've been or what I've been doing these past few months. All that matters now is that I'm here again blogging - full time.:)

By the way, as you can see here, I have this new habit of mixing really loud pinks with animal prints. It's totally addicting.

This was supposed to be posted last July but I wasn't able to click the publish button cuz I was THAT busy and preoccupied with other crazy things going on in my life. So, hurray! I have successfully hit the publish button by now. :)


  1. parang si CL (2ne1) lang oh, hehe :)


  2. that's a very cute outfit :) And I think know why you're addicted to animal prints, because it's always trendy and very chic. Will definitely put your over-all look to the next level.

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  3. This look is so fun! I love the mix of neon and leopard!

  4. nice outfit! glad you're back!!! keep blogging! kisses!

  5. hello po sobrang fan nyo po ako Ms.D :)) i've read almost all of your blogposts i just wanted to say hi and say na super galing mo mag thrift shop hehehe i also have an affair with thrift shops when i see one it's like an invisible force is pulling me hahaha i hope you could read my blog too in http://izzaberri.blogspot.com/ you could follow me if that's ok or put some comments that would so much appreciated and that would mean a lot :)) and oh i followed you btw :))


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