Going green.

I was never a huge fan of the color green, but seeing this top at a thrift shop one lovely day made me reconsider my feelings for the color of Earth...life...or whatever else it represents. Since the overly ruffled shoulders are already a bit too much for me, I had to tone it down with the simplest pair of jeans I had in my closet and my trusty shimmering golden flats. :)

I know I should have dressed it up a little bit but I will have to just do that next time. After all, this is just the first time I wore something super green and ruffly. Don't y'all think I should slow it down a bit? Like break it to you gently?

Anyway, what I was saying was, I need your help. What else do you think should I pair this cute top with? It's a little tricky cuz the ruffly shoulders tend to be a bit overwhelming. The day I wore this, I told my friends I felt like I was tree. Haha. That's why I promised myself never to ever wear this with anything brown or else I would end up looking like a walking plant. Soo....that's the part when you help me out because I really have a huge crush on this top but I'm having a hard time thinking of how to make it work without putting myself up on the hall of shame. :)


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