The Undercut

Last year, I wanted to do something crazy to my hair. Since I got tired of coloring it over and over again, I thought, why don't I get an undercut instead? But I wasn't brave enough at the time. I wasn't ready to shock my family and friends - and possibly cause some of them heart / panic attacks.  

Just imagine how surprised I was when I found out today that my biggest girlcrush ever [2NE1's Dara Park] just got an undercut?! I'm so jealous and at the same time ecstatic to see her in this brave new look! I'm jealous because I wanted that hairstyle so bad (last year) and I'm so happy cuz if I couldn't have it, then I'd rather she does because, well, duh, she would look perfect in anything. Heck you can make the girl wear a rug and go all-out-britney-bald and she would still look as perfect as ever!

So, I'm guessing this is her new look for their explosive comeback this year. Fierce and badass! I'm even more in love I can only let out a never-ending sigh. Doesn't she look flawless? 


  1. I've seen that kind of hair cut and it definitely takes balls hahahah but It is worth it!! I think it looks great on her :)


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