The girl was bad. The girl was dangerous.


Still can't get over how awesome these leggings are! I'm a huge sucker for anything with skulls and crossbones in it that's why I went crazy when I saw these from our supercool neighborhood thriftshop! There is just no way I'm letting go of these badass pair of leggings, ever. They're like a warning sign for something dangerous. Haha.

Photos were taken by The Boyfriend one beautiful Saturday morning, after an all-nighter at work. My hair was a limp mess and my eyebags bigger than my eyes, but I just couldn't stop smiling. I wonder why. ^_^


  1. so cool!!


  2. those are totally sick!!! i want some!


  3. Cool leggings!!!

  4. No freaking way! You thrifted those leggings? Gah, so jealous! Those are so awesome :D
    I love this post girl. The outfit is perfect, as are the photos.

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  5. Love the leggings with skull embroidery :) I also want to have them.

  6. Such a gorgeous outfit! Love how you put it together :)

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