2NE1 Day!

I bet you already know who inspired this crazy colorful look! My all-time favorite k-pop girlgroup, 2NE1, just celebrated their 3rd anniversary yesterday and I just thought today's the perfect time to blog about this outfit featuring clashing loud colors! This is something the badass girls of 2NE1 do best.


I still remember how I was literally having a heart attack while watching their first ever live stage performance 3 years ago. It was that moment I knew they would make it big. Oh, no they didn't make it big. They made it HUGE. It's amazing, looking at how far they've come in just 3 years. Gosh, I'm such a proud Blackjack (2NE1 fangirl). These girls deserve all the fame, fortune, and respect! 2NE1 FTW!  

Neon pink tank top - DV | Acid wash denim jacket - Thrifted | Leggings - Thrifted | Sneakers - Nike

I wore this last week when me and my friend, MC, who also happened to be my twin (Hi, TwinCee) decided to wear crazy colorful outfits to work inspired by 2NE1. So this is what I came up with. Too bad we forgot to take a picture together. You should have seen us! We were so cute! ^.^

Anyway. Since we have moved to this new building [at work] that has a ridiculously strict dress code, I've been feeling lazy to dress up everyday. Imagine being ordered "not to look too fashionable". Ugh. It was like were asked to look as boring as everybody else who works in that building. Wearing all these colors was a risky move for us because we were required to look like wallflowers. WTF.

What's a girl [with an insane fashion obsession] to do?

Oh, I know. Break the goddamn rules.


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