Chic Music: The Honey Trees

Just because I've been MIA for quite a while doesn't mean I have forgotten about this blog. That's never gonna happen. I may be busy but I am never too busy to not think about my precious blog and it's lovely readers everyday. That's why in spite of all the crazy things I'm going through right now, I found time to drop by and say Hi and tell y'all about this band I've just started listening to: The Honey Trees

I'm not really into indie/dream pop music but I saw a mixtape in Tumblr that has one of their songs, checked out the entire album, and just like that, I fell in love. Been listening non-stop with tears streaming down my face. That's how much their music has stolen my heart. It's sad, beautiful music. Can be torturous to listen to when you're going through heart issues like me. *sigh

I loved all the songs but if I'm to pick just one favorite, it's got to be this one. 

Facing time on her own. She mourns the day her love let go.
But in her burdened heart she knows, peace will come with morning.

Got even more curious about this band so I Googled them up and look what I found! A lovely pair of musicians!

Lovely music &  lovely fashion. There are things better off matchy-matchy.


  1. Thanks for sharing, they looks very retro and stylish, I have to hear what kind of music they made :)


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