Change is good...

What I've been doing a lot lately:

Dressing down. So down, I think I might have hit rock bottom.
Wearing shirts with cats on them
Wearing glasses with cat whiskers on them
Taking lazy mirror shots of outfits
Enjoying my tiny bag

All hail the bag that has been making my life convenient for the last 3-4 weeks! Have I told you guys before that small bags are never really my thing? Well, now, they are. I mean, look at how tiny this bag is. I know! It's TINY! But it's amazing how it can hold all the stuff I bring with me everyday. And by "all the stuff" I meant, a lot of stuff. It's funny how I once thought I will never be able to live with just a small bag with me but guess what? I've been living with one for the entire month of April and I must say the bond this bag and I have right now is going strong! Oh well, change is good after all. Change has ALWAYS been good.


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