Neon Roses

Floral bodycon dress (worn as a top) - Topshop | Shorts - DIY | Heart sunnies - DV

Don't I look like one of those Nutella-obsessed-hipster-girls on Tumblr here? Haha. Anyway, these shorts were once upon a time a pair of ugly pants that I decided to revamp. Cut it short, ripped it up on most areas,  and of course, poked some studs here and there. It doesn't look very dilapidated yet when I took these photos, but after just one wash, it has transformed into the most perfect disaster-stricken short shorts I've ever had! I'll be wearing this a lot next week so watch out for it! XD


  1. Yes you do xD but is still cool :) love the print of your bodycon, you look great

  2. i tried ripping up my pants once, & it didn't turn out so good. yours look super cute! i'm inspired to give it another go. :D

    boat ride through the sky

  3. love the bodycon print! and the shorts look great, very creative :)

  4. i like your shorts!



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