Neon turns me on!

Top - thrifted | Leggings - online shop | DMs - thrifted | Jacket - thrifted

Sup guys! Told ya, I'll be trying my best to update this blog in spite of my hectic schedule! These photos were taken in the early days of March when my hair was still the color of rust. I have to admit, I miss this hair so much but I know I made the right decision of going back to black. It's for my own good. haha.

So obviously, I am so into neon pink lately. And this top just offers that perfect dose of neon in my life. It's actually way too neon for the naked eye. One cannot simply stare at this top for more than 30 seconds because it might stress the eyes out. Haha. That's why I kept the rest of the outfit as basic as possible by wearing black, leaving that neon beauty of a top as the center of attention! :P


  1. I love the neon trend too, your shirt is really cool and love your leggings! <3

  2. Gorgeous outfit! I love your top, your leggings and your jacket! xxx


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