Back on the dark side...

I'm alive! But my rusty hair isn't anymore because I just had my hair dyed jet black. Why the change? Long story! I'll tell y'all about it on my next posts!

Anyway, I'm so sorry for being away for too long! I've just been very very very busy and I'm afraid I'm gonna have to be just as busy for the next four weeks. Don't worry though, I am trying my best to keep this blog up and running! I just dropped by today to say how much I've missed you all! I will be back very soon with a proper explanation. For now, I leave you with these pictures of me in my new raven hair so you can start getting used to it - because even I am also struggling to. Haha.

If you wanna know who inspired my new hair:

Don't worry guys, I didn't turn emo and suicidal. I love myself and I love life! I just really dig the whole I-didn't-wash-my-hair-but-I-still-look-edgy look. Just because I've returned to the dark side doesn't mean I'm gonna walk around wearing a permanent frown on my face, carrying blades, knives, and other deadly weapons. I'm still the same sunshine barbie that I've always been! :P

 See you when I see you!


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