Where have I been?

Hello my beautiful readers! I just got back from our Team Outing in Laguna! T'was tiring and we barely slept but it was so much fun! I honestly didn't think I would enjoy it that much, but I did! All we did was eat, drink, joke around, swim, sing in the videoke, and take pictures all day! In short, I was chillin' like a villain all weekend!

But before going back to my life's daily routine tomorrow (hello, night shift!) I would like to take this chance to thank everyone who has been reading my blog on a regular - and leaving lovely comments on my posts! I want y'all to know how your simple words make my day! I wish I could reply to each one of you but for some reason, I don't know how to reply individually to every comment. Don't worry though, I read all of your comments and I make sure to visit your blogs too - and follow back!

Today, I picked some comments from my recent posts and replied to the lovely creatures who posted them:

Jade on Girl thing: Curly hair suits you, Dominique! I would love to feature you soon in my blog, as I constantly feature other bloggers (local and international). Kind regards.

Niknok@Jade: Thanks Jade! Feel free to send me a message anytime you wanna feature The Niknok Style in your blog! It's an honor! xx

Dyms on Girl Thing: Your hair looks so pretty! It makes you young and so girly! ♥ You always bring out the best in every outfit you mix and match. :)

Niknok@Dyms: Thanks! Havig curly hair is one of my biggest frustrations in life. haha! xx

GEM on Black And Gold: LOL I'll take your photos if you buy me isaw! hahah but I'm all the way here in SF =P Anyways! I totally get what your saying about work outfit! but I think it would really help you out if you plan way ahead of time you know? So that you wake up and get ready and your outfit for the day is just out in the open waiting for you ;)

Niknok@Gem: Aww, too bad! If only I can send these yumy street foods all the way to SF, I would! Haha Thanks for the advice btw. It's actually what I've been doing already. Every weekend, I take time to prepare my outfits for the entire week! But I always add 2 extra outfits just in case I change my mind the last minute. haha

JADE on Black And Gold: I love looking at your blog. Especially your previous posts back when you had long hair. But new ones are also nice :) Anyhoo.. I just want to know how your cousin did the auto focus thing? The one with the blurry background for outfit shots? Thanks Dominique! :)

Niknok@Jade: Thank's for always dropping by my blog! I love you for that! and about the auto focus thing, it's actually a setting in the camera that I use whenever I have someone taking pictures for me. that way, when the camera auto focuses on me, all they have to do is click the hit the shutter button.

DYMS on Union Jack: You are so cute! i love your shades! I want one! where did you buy that? :)

Niknok@Dyms: Thanks! I got the heart shaped sunnies from Divisoria! I also got another one in pink! They're actually best-sellers in my shop before but I ran out of stocks and I couldn't find them in DV anymore! Pag nakakita ako ulit, I'll give you one! :)

DENISE on OFF: AMEN TO THAT NIKKI! And i love so much your "off" look! :) we really should have a shoot anytime soon! :)

Niknok@Denise: Let's schedule our photoshoot! I'll let you know once I got free time! I'm really excited for it though, now that I'm officially a 50mm addict like you! Can't wait!

Lilly on Dear John: Wow I really love this outfit but to be honest I adore almost every look of you. You always manage to look so good and fashion but casual at the same time. You are very talented ;

Niknok@Lilly: Awww that's so sweet of you. Thank so much! You've no idea what a huge smile you have put on my face with those words.

Dina Vanessa on Dear John: i super love your blog's layout..who does it for you? i want! :)

Niknok@Van: Thanks! I did my own blog's layout! Created the header myself as well! I'm so glad you like it!

So that's it for now! I enjoyed replying to these comments and to some of the questions so I thought it'd be great if you can send me all your questions at superniknok@gmail.com or over at my Formspring.me! My birthday is in 5 days, so you can also send me your greetings there! Haha I'll be waiting! xx


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