The Vow

Life's all about moments of impact
and how they change our lives forever. 

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Saw The Vow with workpals the other day and fell in love with:
  • The story - so bittersweet (thank God it's a happy ending after all)
  • Channing Tatum - need I say more?
  • Rachel McAdam's black hair and bangs - just gorgeous! makes me wanna come back to the dark side
  • Paige's (RMA) wedding dress!!!
She wore a pink Betsey Johnson dress so pretty I suddenly wanna marry someone! Haha.

When I'm bored, I like planning my wedding day inside my head and one of my biggest concerns there is my dress. It has to be short and poofy like that dress Paige wore on their illegal wedding at a museum. My wedding dress has to show a lot of legs! Not that I have that much for legs but, whatever. I just really really want a short wedding dress! So I searched all over the net for the dress and I think I found it!


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