Union Jack

Union Jack hooded top - thrifted | Blue jeans - Jag | Red sneakers - Converse

Went to SM North today with my cousin Casey to run some errands for our Tita. Little did we know the mall was jampacked with shoppers cuz it's having huge SALE! Ugh.

I know I'm supposed to sound so psyched about the coincidence but I wasn't really that happy to be in the right place at the right time. Probably because I'm not in the right mood? Or maybe I just don't have the right amount of patience to be bumping and rubbing elbows with all those shoppers? I say, both. 

The only time I prefer shopping at a mall is when I don't feel like going to the Forever Crowded Divisoria or those Forever Dusty Thrift Shops. That's why seeing all those people inside the mall today just freaked the crap out of me. The ironic thing was, the mall's overflowing with people but there are barely any long lines at the cashiers/counters making it easy for me to pay for my purchases! Talk about convenience!

Anyway, I wore something really comfy since I was with a very hyper little boy. This loose hooded top with a Union Jack printed in it was just perfect for a day of strollin around the mall. I could have worn denim shorts though because my jeans were too tight. I love this top cuz it's got UK's flag all over it! And I love UK and brits so much! If I ever get to go there, I'd spend days just watching people and listening to their addicting British accents. lol

BTW, I wanna thank that cute little guy right there standing beside Iron Man for being my photog. for this post! My cousin/godson Casey is probably the most patient person who has taken outfit shots for me! He doesn't complain and he even takes way more photos than I ask him to! That's why I treated him to a yummy burger! He struggled a bit though cuz the burger was way too huge for his mouth. lol

Oh, and before I forget, the first few photos were taken in our newly constructed roofdeck which is so cool even if it's not 100% done yet. You have no idea how excited I am to take more photos in it!

So there. That ends another random weekend in my life. Tomorrow's Monday! Let's all start the week right!


  1. Ohhh! Acabo de descubrir tu blog, es genial! :)
    Me sigues en TWITTER?, yo también te seguiré ;)

  2. you are so cute! i love your shades! I want one! where did you buy that? :)

  3. amazing shirt.. love that you visited the toystore hehe have a great day

  4. Love the top with the sneakers :)

    xo Jennifer


  5. super dig that shirt! and those heart sunnies-- so much love! :)

  6. Cute! Beautiful pictures.


  7. So cute! x

  8. i love how you went for the union jack instead of the american flag. great twist


  9. I love Union Jack! In fact I am a big Britain lover ;)



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