SPOTTED! Queen B in a shirt and a hoodie!

Only a huge Gossip Girl fan like me would understand why I find it really surprising to see Blair Waldorf in these clothes.

Being the resident crazy b!tch and Queen Bee of the Upper East Side, Blair has always been dressed in the most fabulous designer clothes. Even in her sleepwear and underwear, she ALWAYS looked prim and proper. Remember when she wore her PE uniform back in season 2? Exactly. She has never looked dressed down. EVER.

Of course I've seen photos of Leighton Meester in loose tees, denim shorts, track pants, and flip slops. But that was Leighton [the actress, not the character] in her own laidback style.

What intrigued me the most was what it would be like to see the character Blair Waldorf wearing a t-shirt and a hoodie [in a Gossip Girl episode] and not just a snapshot of her behind the scenes. It just seemed so impossible. It was like wishing for rain on summer, or searching for love in a hopeless place, or whatever. I never really thought that this day would come but, here it is!

The moment every Blair Waldorf fan never imagined would ever happen, just happened.

Queen B spotted wearing a pink I love NY tee and a gray hoodie at the airport after running away from her wedding party with her BFF Dan Humphrey!

Do you realize how ironic all this is? Let's break it down one more time.
  • Blair Waldorf wearing a t-shirt and a hoodie
  • Blair Waldorf running away from her royal wedding and her Prince husband
  • Blair Waldorf running away with Dan Humphrey [Yes, Dan Humphrey from Brooklyn]
The world is changing, people.


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