Moodboard #002: Neon Overdose

WARNING! I'm about to stress your eyes out with all these pretty things in my inspiration board! Better wear your sunnies before scrolling down cuz today, I'm gonna OD (overdose) on NEON PINK!

I've always been obsessed with this color. And it's even better in NEON! I have a few neon pink clothes in my closet that I haven't had the chance to wear yet. Not that I'm scared to look like a walking hi-lighter pen or a traffic sign, this color is just way too special for me that I can't just wear it on ordinary days! It can wait. XD

ANYWAY, been very lazy busy lately. That's why I'm here, with this.  BUT! I got a lot of new thrifted & not thrifted stuff to show y'all. I just haven't found time to take photos yet. New outfit posts coming very soon!



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