I Wish I Have: UNIF's Hellraiser Slip-Ons

I need this beast in my life. Seriously. How can anyone not want a pair of these ultra badass slip-ons called "Hell Raiser" from UNIF?!I have a strong feeling I'd be seeing this a lot in my dreams in the coming days, weeks, months, until someone buys them for me. In my dreams. Yeah, that's probably the only place and time I'd get to wear this.

I saw a pair of the same kinda slip ons from Topshop just last week but those were just studded ones - not spiked. And I want spikes! I want my feet to look like a porcupine when I wear them! I want this!

Photo from UNIF


  1. i love these! I've seen a similar pair in Topshop that i've been lusting after for weeks :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  2. OMG need these shoes!! LOVE Unif!

  3. These shoes are so amazing. But goodness, are they expensive! I've been thinking about just making my own, maybe making a DIY for the blog :)


  4. Interesting...I wonder how easy it'd be to DIY...

  5. Those pictures are soo great! love the shoes!!


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