Dear John

Blazer - thrifted | John Lennon tanktop - Artwork | Jeans - Lee | Shoes - thrifted | Feather Earrings - Accesorize

Remember my Charlie Chaplin tanktop? I got another one of that kind, but now, it's got John Lennon's face in it! I love this top cuz the boyfriend bought it for me. Although we were also together when I bought the Charlie top, this one's more special cuz I didn't pay for it. Haha. The best things in life are free! But you know what's better than that? When those "best free things" are given by the people you love. Now let me hear y'all say "Aaaawwwww..."

Happy first day of February everyone! Spread the love!  

PS:  Ignore my awkward stonehead face in the last photo. Just wanna show y'all how I've been staying true to my promise that I'm practicing real hard in perfecting the cat / winged / 2ne1-style eyeliner. Needs improvement obviously.


  1. cute nikki! I love your earrings! Try the e.l.f waterproof eye liner pen. Very helpful and dries easily. :)

  2. omg awesome outfit! you have great style! i love thee little details in this outfit, like the feather earings and the stripes on the blazer, so cute! love your blog, following you!!


  3. that look is really cool! love your shirt and shoes! check out my new site with all the new trends, inspirations and looks that i have spotted on my trip to Milano this weekend, the latest shoe must-haves of 2012 and much more! follow me! :)

  4. What a great outfit. I love to colour combo.


  5. i super love your blog's layout..who does it for you? i want! :)

  6. Wow I really love this outfit but to be honest I adore almost every look of you. You always manage to look so good and fashion but casual at the same time. You are very talented ;) Lilly x

  7. love the blazer and the cuffed blue pants are great

  8. the color of your jeans is amazing!



  9. Love the look! Casual but again, my taste, edgy! :) Nice thrift items you got there!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  10. I like so much your blog!Follow you with pleasure, I really like your blog and you're beautiful.
    Please, said me if you like my little page, I would be honored to have you as my follower... let me know... I'm waiting you!

    All the best,Valentina

  11. Your blog is AWESOME! Love, love that tee...and your hat in the last post is too good! We seriously adore it.
    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.

  12. love the color of those jeans!!!


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