Black & Gold

Shirt - Bench | Blazer - thrifted | Chain print skirt - DYMS | Wedges - Parisian | Necklace & bracelet - Lovechild Vintage

This is not exactly what I wore today. Since we have a fake/strict dress code at work, I wore black tights [after these photos were taken] to avoid getting that you-have-sinned stare from the guards and the bosses in the office. Got lazy, ditched the wedges, and went for my gold flats instead.

The thing about dress codes is that it can be both challenging and disappointing. There are times when I like to challenge myself into putting together an outfit that can be dress-code-friendly and chic at the same time. But most of the time, I get depressed when I dress myself up for work because I can't wear my clothes exactly the way I want to wear them. As a result, I lose the mood to be all dolled up and I end up wearing the wrong things. Therefore, I hate abhor dress codes with all my heart.

Anyway, aren't you surprised to see me in a skirt like this? I know, this is something new but I'm lovin it! Had it hemmed over the weekend because I like my skirts ultra short. Haha. Isn't it gorgeous? My workpal Dyms of gave it to me last week! *Thanks a bunch Dyms!!!xx*

You guys should go check out her blog and be ready with your "Wow" cuz you'll be saying that a lot once you're there! [Even I am guilty of that.] I swear it's definitely worth following!

Oh, and one last thing, I wanna thank my cousin Ida who woke up early and took these photos for me! XD I'm currently trying to bribe her into taking my photos everyday for my blog. She ain't a pro but isn't that what a camera's auto focus is for? lol. So dear cousin Ida, if by any chance you accidentally stumble upon this blog and read this part, please bear with me and keep taking my pictures! I'll buy you isaw and kwek-kwek [streetfoods] everyday! That's all for now, byers!


  1. Thanks Nikki!!! <3

    I'm such a newbie! yay! hahah!!

    I bought this skirt thinking that I could still fit in it. But too bad my old and big waist gave up on me. Waaa!!

    The first person I thought who could fit in that skirt and pull it off was YOU. I know that you always put style in every outfit that you wear. :) <3

    Your blog keeps me updated about different styles. Keep it up!

  2. na love at first sight nmn ako s skirt!=D checkin her site now=D

  3. Oh, that skirt! Love it! following you, hope you'll follow me back! <3 xx, Tina

  4. Really cute skirt! kinda has a vintage look to it cause I remember my mother having a similar pattern on one of her old scarves. Loves it!

  5. You look lovely. What a cute skirt!

    Visit me & my bags, shoes, and all things dainty at:

    or on BLOGLOVIN' at pjlatte's bag book

  6. the skirt are gorgeousss!

    xx jasmine

  7. I love looking at your blog. Especially your previous posts back when you had long hair. But new ones are also nice :) Anyhoo.. I just want to know how your cousin did the auto focus thing? The one with the blurry background for outfit shots? Thanks Dominique! :)


  8. I LOVE chain print! For some reason I'm drawn to it and I have quite a few chain print items now. The skirt looks great on you!

    xo, alison*elle

  9. LOL I'll take your photos if you buy me isaw! hahah but I'm all the way here in SF =P Anyways! I totally get what your saying about work outfit! but I think it would really help you out if you plan way ahead of time you know? So that you wake up and get ready and your outfit for the day is just out in the open waiting for you ;)

  10. You have great wardrobe! I was thinking to buy a skirt or dress (I think ASOS had them both in this print), BUT my size was out of stock. It looks awesome on you! <3


  11. i love the skirt nikki! and saw your friend's blog she looks so cool! :)


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