Thrifted: Denim & Leather

Unplanned visits to the neighborhood thriftshops are my favorite thing in the world. Yesterday was one of those days. I wasn't planning to go thrifting at all. I was just gonna buy lettuce for my packed dinner to work. I was just gonna go grab late lunch at 3 in the afternoon. But, there was a thrift shop just a few steps away from where I had lunch, and just like a magnetic field, it pulled me in, and I failed to resist temptation.

As much as I'd like to say I was just forced to go in and I wasn't really in the mood to go through all the racks inside, seeing what I took home with me just makes it all okay!

I got not one, but two denim cut-off shorts which I call "hipster shorts". You know, those kind of shorts that you see a lot of hipster girls love to wear - paired with cropped tops or bustiers, some black chucks or Doc Martens, messy messy hair, cross accessories, and sometimes they come with a jar of Nutella on one hand and a middle finger on the other. If you still don't know what I'm talking about, there are TONS of them on Tumblr!

I also got this gorgeous denim biker jacket with pointed shoulders! I loved the pointed shoulders so much cuz they reminded me of those Balmain blazers and jackets with exaggerated pointy shoulder pads! I am beyond excited to wear it!

Another pair of oxford shoes for me! But now, they're in black! These babies are so comfortable, I wore them to work right away! ^_^

And behold, my most badass find for the day! A clutch studded with tiny skulls! When I saw it at the store, I didn't realize they were skulls. So when I picked it up and looked closer, I literally gasped in surprise upon seeing those cute little skulls all over it! Most of my bags are huge and I am not really comfortable bringing just a clutch with me when I go out but this is one total exception! How can I say NO to this badass thing? HOW?

So there you go, my first thrifted treasures for 2012! Yay!


  1. awww great finds nikki!!!:) i love the ruched denim jacket! outfit post na agad!:)

  2. You got some wonderful new things! That jacket is so nice.



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