Slow Learner

Top - thrifted | Trousers - thrifted | flats - Parisian

Just when I'm about to give up on using my new lens in taking my own photos, I'm starting to get the hang of it! Instead of throwing tantrums [and my camera], I started reading stuff about photography and tips on how to deal with my dilemma. Thank God I found a lot of helpful tips on the Internet!

I still don't have the perfect outfit shots [ I mean just look at that off-center 2nd photo = FAIL] but yesterday morning, everything just went well. It didn't take me forever to get a clearer photo. No more super blurry photos! I didn't stress out and almost hit random strangers with a fatass camera. I didn't have to ask anyone to take pics for me anymore. I did it all on my own and the photos looked so much better than the ones I took last Monday!

So I guess, this is progress. I may be learning really really slow but hey, here's the thing: I am learning. That's good news! xx


  1. Le pantalon est super!!!


  2. haha ako din nagtatantrums sa camera ko pero ngayon napapasunod ko na sya haha! are you using a tripod ba when you shoot your outfit? :)

  3. Lovely blog and cute style :)!! I like this outfit, it's simple and cute :)!

  4. Hello
    I definitely love the look!
    Simple and stylish!!!

  5. I love your top! The leopard details is <3 Goodluck with future photos! :)

  6. i like your top, very cute. and the off-centre picture looks kinda arty - just pretend it was meant to be done that way haha :)nice blog! B x

  7. Your top is amazing!

    Kisses Anne

  8. Bravo on persevering! I find it can be hard to make the time to get to things like this and then frustrating when continuing with the problem! A never ending vicious cycle!

    It was great when I finally got a tripod and figured out how to doy photos though!


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