Shops I Love: Nasty Gal [January '12]

I have always been a HUGE fan of Nasty Gal. Gorgeous clothes, great styling, pure genius. Everytime they post new items on their site, I go gaga over everything! Here's a couple of new clothes from their January collection:

Mullet Skirts! I have a chiffon mullet skirt I thrifted last October 2011 but I was too lazy to blog about it and I haven't worn it yet cuz I wanna wear it on a special day, so watch out for it! It's gorgeous, I swear. 

Bandage skirts! And they're in my favorite print! Ugh. How effing gorgeous. I'm currently looking for the perfect bandage skirt because I don't have one yet so...I wish I could find something like these!

 More animal prints! I've been a sucker for leopard prints since 2008.These prints are like drugs to me. They make me high. There were even times I tried to stop wearing too much leopard spots, but I relapsed. And it has been a never ending cycle ever since. I just kept coming back - wanting more. They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said "no! no! no!" lol

High slit maxi skirt! I got my eye on this trend. I am now officially on serious hunting mode for a maxi skirt with a sky-high slit that would make strangers on the street do a double take and my family pray even harder for my safety from perverts and for my soul to be spared from the fires of hell (for wearing such a thing).

Neon pants! In my favorite color! I am dying to get a pair of neon pink / shocking hot pink pants right now. But I have no idea where to find them. Oh dear, I need these babies in my closet ASAP! I know it'll be a risky thing to wear in a place where most people are fashion-ignorant, but I don't care. Call me a walking pink Sharpie or Stabilo Boss highlighter pen, I'm gonna wear it and I'm sure as hell gonna love it.

Bustiers! I have two bustiers already - one white/beige and one black - but I haven't worn them yet. All I know is that I'm definitely wearing them like this, or with a floral maxi skirt. I'm thinking, this'll be a perfect look for my birthday photoshoot this February. ^___^

There. I'm done with my imaginary shopping spree at Nasty Gal. My eyes are so happy cuz just had a feast!  I have a strong feeling I'm gonna be dreaming of all these beautiful things tonight. Sweet. 

Happy weekend lovely people! Hope y'all have a great one! xx 


  1. I love Nasty Gal too, they got some amazing shoes and skirts!

  2. I love Nasty Gal too!
    I like almost everything you posted!
    Nice blog, would you like to follow each other, dear? <3

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment about my hair! I looveeee Nasty Gal too! So many cute things!

    Stop by again soon :)


  4. I simply adore this looks - the leopard printed pants are amazing ! Great post :)

    PS: I'm hosting an international giveaway on my blog ♥ Come and join!

  5. im a nasty gal lover too!
    this post just gave me so much inspiration!

  6. Nastygal has some of the best edgy pieces, I can see why you love them so much!


  7. I totally love the last and 2nd to the last photo! Such a very cute dress! :)))

  8. nice pics!!! enjoyed your blog!!!

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  9. nice pics!!! enjoyed your blog!!!

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  10. These are amazing picks! I love those cheetah print jeans :D



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