Red handed.

Red kimono top - bought online | jeans - Jag | oversized cardigan - Forever21 | gold flats - SM

I'm not a huge fan of red. I do have a few red accessories, I love red nail polish, red shoes, and red bags but I rarely wear red clothes (tops & dresses). There are just some red things I can't stand and this top of mine is a solid example.

If we weren't asked to wear red to work today [because it's Chinese New Year], I wouldn't have worn this long forgotten top of mine. I happened to be in the mood to follow rules so I decided not to be a fun sponge and wore red anyway.

I had the hardest time looking for something red in my closet and to my surprise, I found this red kimono-ish top I bought online back in 2008 that I have only worn once. Just shows how I have no feelings or whatsoever for this top. I just hate it. I don't like the way it hugs my boobs like a pervert and it makes them look so much bigger than they really are - making me look fat. As if that wasn't annoying enough, it also made me look like a pregnant woman in the stomach area with just a tiny blow of the wind. Ugh.

I think this color only looks marvelous in girls with really fair complexion like, Snow White or Edward Cullen. lol. Am I right? That's why I had to add the oversized cardigan to tame the look down because I didn't want people thinking they just saw the devil's spawn, or a hooker in disguise.

So that's it. I followed the rules for one day but I'm never wearing this thing ever again. My cousin's already eyeing this top so I guess we all know who's the next owner of this cursed red kimono! Bwahaha


  1. mm i LOVE RED, cute look and thanks for sharing hun ^^

    from the NANA girls xoxo

  2. your shoes are so cute, love them!
    Krissy xoxo

  3. I LOVE the shoes they are gorgeous such a cute outfit xx

  4. So cute, love your flats :)
    Following back dear :*

  5. you did a good job in toning the shirt down but i love the color on you!!! looks great with your hair. I get what you mean though :)

  6. beautiful simple look

  7. Haha yes I sometimes break my own rules too even though I also hate it at the same time! Your glitter shoes are cute :)

    Sadie xx

  8. Hi sweet!Very,very nice pictures. Flats are wonderful!!!If you want,visit my blog.Big kiss<3

  9. love the hair and the flats! :)

    follow me :)


  10. i personally am not a fan of red either! i think its hard to pull it off on asian complexion unless you're like pale. It's to strong of a color for me, it's not very soothing lol!!!

    but i love your cardigan here!

  11. That red looks great on you!


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