Photo Diary: Long Weekend

We're on a long weekend  this side of the Earth and I can't help but bring lazy back on days like these. Been home all day for 3 consecutive days and all I did was sleep, eat, play Tetris on Facebook, play with the cats, help out on the chores a little bit and repeat everything the next day.

In an attempt to make these 3 days off a little more productive, I went through all my old magazines that I've kept hidden for a long time, searching for inspirations and random pretty stuff that I might wanna copy for my birthday photos! Haha.

Yeah, my birthday is in less than a month so I was thinking of having a photo shoot like the ones I used to do a lot back in 2010! It's just, it's been a long time since I've done that and I thought it'd be perfect to do it again this year before my birthday so it'd look like one of those pre-debut / pre-nuptial photos except it's not my 18th birthday and I'm not getting married anytime soon either.

My aunt's crib is almost done! I loved how it turned out. It looks so chic and modern and very different from the houses in the neighborhood. Looks even better inside, I swear. This is where me and my 7 other cousins are living in right now. I'mma be staying up there in the rooftop with my cousin Ida and our cats, Miho & Maxxie...but that's just for the meantime while I save up for my own dream house! *wink*

At 24, I still play. Outside the house. With a kitten. Barefoot. And messy haired. 

Tired Miho. So damn cute!

Also did my nails again but I was too lazy to think of a design so I ended up with red and glittery gold. Very Chinese New Year-sy, isn't it?

Oh, to all the Chinese peeps out there, Happy New Year!



  1. OMGOSH KITTY!!! SO ADORABLE! I WANT TO PLAY! lol Love the nail polish!!!


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