Nail Art: Multicolored Zebra

My favorite nail art design is zebra prints! Because its the easiest to do [if you have the right brushes] and for me, it's already an expertise.

But since I've done zebra on my nails for a thousand times already, I tried to do something a little more challenging last weekend. That is, to use 3 yummy colors in every nail and then add the inevitable zebra stripes.

As you can see, my fingers are a total mess. I had the hardest time painting them in those colors I swear I didn't think I would actually finish this without throwing tantrums and screaming at people inside our house out of frustration. I know it's messy but I don't mind. At least I got it right, right? In fact, I think I just nailed it! Haha

Nail Art Enamel from Saizen for the zebra stripes | Chic clear nail polish for the final gloss!


  1. lovely nails!

    just liked your fb page
    please check mine at

  2. wow thats cool!!

  3. wow! nice! i thought you had it printed on a nail salon! nice! :) i don't have that much patience! gahhh!

  4. cool :>


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