Mood Board #001

All photos from WeHeartIt  

Making the most out of the long weekend by being one heck of a lazy ass. Here's a couple of photos that I've been staring at for hours because they make me happy. ^_^ Will def. use these as my inspirations for this coming week's outfits. Spell EXCITED.


  1. Wow, love these photos! The nails are super awesome and I love the photo of the girl in the jean shorts outfit... xoxo!

  2. Just by looking at your model boards, makes me do inspiration dress up! love your blog, sweetie!

    Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen
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  3. Wouw! Great post! A lot of inspiration!

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  4. I think we pretty much have the same eye for things edgy! :) Great inspiration :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  5. All of these are so so good! awesome mood board & awesome blog!


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