Manifesto Of A Make-up Dummy

If you haven't noticed yet, I have zero skills in make-up. I know very little about it. It pains me to see other girls doing magic with their make-up while I always end-up with a clown face everytime I try to do mine.

That's why I've always been amazed by Youtube make-up tutors and other fashion bloggers who can do their own make-up and look so effing fabulous after! I'm always like "How in the world did you do THAT?"

I do know a few things about make-up, of course. I know that a mascara goes to the lashes, an eye liner is used to line the eyes, a concealer is for those secrets you wanna hide, and a lipstick goes, well, to the lips obviously. But that's pretty much all I know about it.

I tried to learn, I swear. I've seen tons of tutorial blogs and watched a shitload of how-to videos on YouTube but every attempt was an epic fail. *s0b* That's really sad considering I am Little Miss Self-Taught. And I cannot just accept that I'm a hopeless case. I know I'm not and I will never be!

I'm not trying to be a genius at it. I just wanna learn. I just wanna know how to do it RIGHT. Then maybe, just maybe, I will finally be able to copy this make-up style that I really really like!

Fierce Leader CL and gorgeous Dara of K-pop girlgroup 2NE1 in their signature eye make-up!

I've been trying to copy that cat / winged eyeliner style [Since 2009] but I never get it right! But just because I've been a drastic failure at doing make-up for years doesn't mean I'm about to give up. This year, I'm gonna learn how to do this. In fact, I've already started my "training". Been wearing this "look" these past few days! Even if it takes so much time, I make it a point to do it everyday. That way, I will get used to writing lines on my lids and making them look even on both eyes.

I'm not that good yet and I still "struggle" everyday [lol] but who knows? Maybe staring at these photos on a daily basis would be a huge help.

All photos from WeHeartIt

What I'm sure of is that I will never stop trying until I get it right! I will keep on practicing until I'm so good that I can do cartwheels, ride a roller coaster, and teach you how to dougie while putting on make up. Haha


  1. me tto, I suck at make-up skills haha...can you teach me naman pag natuto ka na?lol

  2. lovely blog, awesome makeup!

  3. I LOVE CL and Dara's make up! But no matter how hard I try, I can never seem to replicate it...haha.

  4. I love winged eyeliner as well! I'm still trying to master the art of it because my eyes never come out even :(

    Also, great pictures. I've grown to really adore 2NE1 since I moved here. Not to mention, I went as Dara for Halloween last year haha

  5. well the important thing is you're TRYING and practicing ;D Just keep doing it and be patient.. you'll get the drift soon :)


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