Illustrated: Every Girl's Dilemma

Illustration by Ilse Valfre

Don't we all just hate those moments when we stare at our closets every morning with ugly frowns on our faces while throwing tantrums, whining and ranting and bitching: "WTF! I've got nothing to wear!!!"

And then every one at home would look at you like they're never seen such insanity before because you are standing in front of a closet so full of clothes that its doors can barely keep everything in anymore. Happens to me all the time. Specifically, every 6 in the morning, Mondays thru Fridays, all year round. Oh, the horror of being a girl.


  1. SO TRUE. Kanina lang ganyan ako wahaha

  2. ha! I have the exact same problem, my wardrobe is PACKED, but I have NOTHING to wear, haha :)

  3. totally true, i have this pretty much every morning


  4. It's the problem of being a girl haha. I have those moments many times.
    Thanks for the visit and comment! Hopefully you will be able to go to London aswell :)

  5. gets!!! tas my mood din na nkakatamad pumorma... hay!


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