Forever Young

Tank top - DIY / cardigan - thrifted / denim skirt - thrifted / tights - DV / Pumped up kicks - Nike

This is the time of the year when my birthday is just a month and a few weeks away. That time of the year when I suddenly feel sad about being a year older. Hence, the need to convince myself that age is just a number and it doesn't really matter.

So, if you're wondering how I save myself from the age-related drama that comes with an upcoming birthday, here's how I do it.

I wear the most teeny-bopper-ish clothes in my closet and then I look in the mirror. If I end up looking like a teenager, it's a success! If I looked like a granny in her grandaughter's clothes, I'm doomed.

I'm so happy to announce that this year, I still don't look like I'm turning 25. And I guess that's the awesome-est thing about being petite / short. Strangers usually mistake me for a high school girl, not a professional, responsible, and mature adult person. And I don't really have a problem with that! haha

So that explains why I look like a K-pop susperstar wannabe in here. And I'm afraid you'll have to see me dressed up like this in the coming days because I just really wanna feel like I'm forever young!


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