Chic TV: Skins S06E01

Finally got to watch the first episode of the 6th series of Skins last night!

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It was nothing short of awesome! Though I have to admit the first few scenes were very predictable. All the mishaps, the partying, the party crashing, drugs, and sex were not really "new" since we're talking about Skins here and that's what it's usually all about. But then stuff happened and the next thing I knew, I was staring at my monitor teary-eyed and asking myself, was that just a dream or what? I was literally in a state of shock.

The thing about this TV series is, when you start getting bored of the usual Skins stuff and start thinking "why am I even watching this when all they really do here is eff things up", it slaps you in the face with something so good and you wake up to realize, hey I am never ever gonna stop watching this show!

Anyway, I just dropped by to rave about the cute clothes that the girls wore to their Morocco vacation but apparently, I've already said too much so I'm just gonna shut up now and share some of the outfits that Mini, Franky, and Grace wore to their Moroccan getaway!

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All the girls' clothes made me wanna hit the beach very very soon! My favorite looks would have to be Mini's, like always. She is totally my peg for a beach look come summer! Bikinis, daisy dukes, feather earrings and boots? Why the hell not?

Though I'm surprised with the drastic change in Franky's style! Last season she was the girl who may or may not be a lesbian and the one who went through a whole lotta drama over a sparkly dress she didn't wanna wear, but now she's having fun slutting around! Wow.

So there, I seriously cannot wait for the next episode because this one sure left me aching for more! 


  1. omg! that denim shorts with studded details--loooovvvveeeee!!!!


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