Blogger Crush: Jess T. of Jess Loves Fred

Because I am finally a "serious fashion blogger", I thought it'd be great to share in here who my favorite bloggers are.

I've said it before [HERE and HERE] that the first ever fashion blog I've read and religiously followed was Rumi Neely's After that, I discovered Andy Torres of in 2008 and since then, I have been visiting their blogs on a regular.

Now that Rumi and Andy are almost everyone's favorite fashion bloggers nowadays, and since I have already seen thousands of other fashion blogs, I came up with the idea of sharing some of the coolest fashion blogs/bloggers that inspires me all the time!

For today, I'm gonna start with my favorite fashion blogger EVER.

Been reading her blog for as long as I can remember.She was still in high school that time (I guess) and now she's in Uni taking up PR. LOL. Do I sound like a creepy stalker now? Yeah, I think so too. I follow this girl everywhere! Online, of course. From Twitter, Facebook, Formspring, all the way to Tumblr, I'm so following her. haha So if I lived in Australia, I would most likely end up getting arrested for stalking her! I'm kidding, ok.

But seriously, reading her blog for the first time got me so hooked up that I kept coming back, waiting for her next outfits and stories. I loved her blog the most not only because of her style, the awesome photos she posts, and the fact that she's also an aggressive thrift shopper like me, but also because of the way she writes her blog entries.

She's definitely the funniest/wittiest blogger I've ever seen. Her blog is one of the very few fashion blogs I actually read because let's all admit it, sometimes we like to skip the reading part and just comment about the photos. But with JessLovesFred, I read everything because I know she has something very funny and witty to say!

You can check out Jess' blog at JessLovesFred but I think she's very busy right now (haha feeling close?) that's why she hasn't updated it yet. 

Anyway, that's it for my first ever Blogger Crush post. Hope y'all liked it! 


  1. I think I sorta have a blogger crush on her too! I love all her outfits! Especially the tie-dye maxi skirt! <3

  2. Lovely post! She's cute.

    Shall we follow each other? I'm following you.


  3. nice post,check out my blog

  4. AMAZING outfits! The first one is absolute perfection.


  5. I like your style so much! Great post.

  6. I already knew her blog, always love what she writes and her incredible outfits! Always a suprise, always a win!


  7. I love her too! Been following her for a long time na rin! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  8. I'm an AVID follower too! Can I just say that SHE ROCKS!?=D

  9. Totally agree with you! She's soooo lovely. :)
    I am a fan of her blog too!
    Hope all is well :)

  10. I love her blog too! And I completely agree, I kept going back to her blog not only because of her style but also because she writes hilarious posts.

  11. cool, I will check her blog out definitely!!!




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