Black hearts

Dress - Forever 21| Jacket - thrifted | Tights - Beats For Fashion | Shoes - thrifted | Bag - My Aunt's
Skulls bracelet & vampire fangs connector ring - Quiapo 

Who doesn't love black? I'm so happy that I finally got to wear my tights with black hearts all over it! My friend Faye, who owns the online shop, Beats For Fashion, gave them to me as a gift last December after her recent trip to Korea. I have another one in polka dots! I've been wanting to wear them for a long time but I couldn't because my camera was in repair that time. Well, here it is now! Thanks Faye! xx

Anyway, It's just funny how I've always loved all-black-fashion but I've never really tried it myself. So this is actually my first time to go  all out black! Black leather + black velvet + black canvass + black tights = ♥

It was sort of a risky look for me to wear because some people think that wearing all black means a person could be one or all of these things:
  • Mourning for a dead loved one
  • A goth
  • A witch
  • A member of a satanic cult
  • A lovechild of Darth Vader and Wednesday Addams
I'm not any of those things.Though I really don't mind having Darth Vader and Wednesday Addams as my parents (lol) but I'm not a goth, or a witch, and I definitely didn't sign up for any satanic cult or something. I just really love black! 


  1. I love wearing all black sometimes too, can look really elegant :)

    Love your little velvet dress! <3

  2. i love black too and yes I can wear an entire black outfit, keribels lang if others would think I am mourning haha! :)

  3. your heart tights are so cute!


  4. such an adorable look and those stockings are so cute! xx

  5. You look gorgeous! Love this look <3

  6. your tights are super cute!

    xx, Sabinna and David

  7. I love ur gothic style dear... black has always been a comfort zone for me too...

  8. absolutely love these tights :)! xx

  9. Such a cute outfit! loving the textures especially :) Check us out! If you like our blog let's follow each other!!


  10. Love this black on black look. Velvet dress is really pretty and is going to be very popular in the winter season of 2012. So on trend :)



  12. addddorable look girl! especially like those tights to top it all off

  13. I love this outfit! very simple, but chic.
    and I sure don't mind if you start following me. x

  14. Oh dear. I think I'm in love with your jacket!

  15. Wow, I love your style! I also looove black. It never get bored! :) xoxo

  16. You look great in this all black ensemble!;)


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